Nikhil Agarwal
Cybersecurity Consultant & Evangelist | Trainer | Public Speaker

About Nikhil
Nikhil is rare blend of modern techno commercial leaders in cyber security space. Experienced in helping organizations anticipate and solve cyber security challenges, navigating through issues, and implementing complex solutions.  Over the years, involved in operationalizing effective cyber security frameworks and governance models into business functions, as well as led large-scale cyber security and digital identity design and transformation programmes

Nikhil represents the next wave of information security thinkers.
 Rohit Srivastwa, Founder – ClubHack
At a glance, Nikhil demeanor as an energetic, agile individual and impeccable attention to detail is immediately evident.
 Jose Pino, CEO & Founder – Boxug
Key Projects Undertaken
Technology Consulting & Security Architecture:
Nikhil has deep experience in developing architecture, strategies, standards and guidelines for technologies and solutions in the cyber security domain. & understand advanced business and information technology management processes.

Red Team Audit & Penetration Testing: Nikhil has been part of all major Red Teams across all industries during his career. Nikhil is able to identify vulnerabilities, create and modify exploit code, exploit hosts, and successfully perform tasks on the compromised systems over various operating systems.

Digital Forensics & Cyber Crime Investigations: Nikhil has been involved in numerous investigations involving Intellectual Property Theft, Company Policy Violations, Data Breaches, Anti-Forensics. He has detailed knowledge examining Windows Registry & Artifacts, Log Files, Internet Evidence, Cloud Storage services & mobile devices.

Incident Response and Digital Evidence Recovery: Nikhil has been involved in multiple incident response engagements where his responsibility was to analyze Cyber incidents, determine the root case and provide recommendations to prevent the incident from occurring in the future.

Risk Compliance & Data Privacy: Nikhil has lead in driving high-profile and high-impact projects involving complex GRC and risk management challenges & brings his experience in ISO 27001, NIST, PCI DSS, HIPAA, GDPR etc. frameworks.
Contact Me
Voice & Whats App: (+91) 946 191 5152

Nikhil is always interested in hearing from former colleagues, managers, or just interesting creative folk, so feel free to contact if you’d like to connect.